Conditions of the internet store is owned by Marcin Dudrak, conducting business under the name tralala studio Marcin DudrakBiałka 458, 34-220 Maków Podhalański

Tax Identification Number: 552-152-57-71
Regon: 363439306
Tax Identification Number: 667-063-812.

These regulations constitute rules conclution of distance contracts of sale concluded through the online store


  1. Consumer – the user who is a natural person, making with the entrepreneur as a part of the store legal action, not directly related to his business or professional activity.
  2. Entrepreneur – Marcin Dudrak with registered office in Białka 458, 34-220 Maków Podhalański, Polska entered with Central Register and Information on Economic Activity carried out by Minestry of Economy, REGON 363439306, NIP 552-152-57-71.
  3. User – each entity making shopping through the store.
  4. Store – internet store runs by entreprenuer at

General Information (Provisions)


The prices are given in polish zloty and contain all components, including VAT(with the information on the rate). Prices do not included shipping cost. Shipping costs are added as a seperate item in the basket. The information about shipping cost  is administered prior to the conclusion of the contract of the sale.


  1. Orders can be submitted  electronically via order form (basket) at the internet store or by email or phone.
  2. Placing an order means acceptance of the store offer resulting in the conclusion of the sale- purchase agreement.  The date of conclusion of the agreement is the date of the order.
  3. The customer is informed via email about the course of the contract.
  4. Seller is not responsible for incorrect and incomplete contact details provided by a customer.
  5. For each order a seller attach a receipt or for a client request a VAT invoice.
  6. The delivery time is specifited in the detailed description of each product. When purchasing several products the lead time will be presented on request.


  1. Poczta Polska - ordered goods are delivered to you via Poczta Polska.  On the supply website ( after giving by seller a parcel number / waybill you can check a status of your shipment.
  2. Odbiór osobisty - after receiving information about the completion of the order, the products can be picked up in person in Warsaw by prior arrangment convenient deadline for both sides.

Costs of the delivery

Shipping fees will be added at the final stage of placing the order. Prices are various and they can change depending on the weight of the product. To check the cost of the shipping of individual products, we refer you to check detailed description.
If you buy more products customer will be asked to contact in order to determine the total cost of shipping.

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer
    Prepayment please realize using following data.
    In the transfer please indicate the order number from the confirmation email! This will help us to indetify payment quickly and expedite the shipment.

    Bank transfer details:

    Inteligo 50102055581111172860600037
    In the title of the transfer please give the NUMBER OF THE ORDER
  • Pay Pal - fast, easy, secure way to make payments online.
  • Payment on cash delivery


Our goods are packed in high quality cartons/tubes. Additional security is provided bubble wrap, which protects product against a mechanical damage.

If the carton or sealing tape are violated, please to check the contents in presence of the postman. If you find that the goods are damaged, please descibe this fact in a complaint report and ask for the signature of the postman.

The agreement and complaints regarding goods.

The right to withdraw from the contract

  1. The customer has the right to withdraw from contract within 10 days without giving any reason

  2. To get the right to withdrawal, the customer must inform the trader about his decision to withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal statement using the business data provided in hereby regulations
  3. The condition to withdraw from contract is returning the product which it has not been used and damaged in its orginal package. The only possible situation is when client opened an orginal package to familiarize with the contents
  4. The goods are returned at the expense of the customer
  5. To the product must be attach sales document- receipt or an invoice
  6. In addition, please email notification with the account number, which will refund payment for the goods
  7. We do not refund either delivery costs or returning the product to us. We also do not accept parcels sent to us via payment on cash delivery
  8. Customer must return the goods to the busisness address given in hereby regulations immediately, so no later than 10 days from the day on which he informs to withdraw from the contract. The deadline will be met if consumer sents back the goods 10 days before the deadline

Claims and warranty

  1. The supplier  is obliged to delivery goods free from defects
  2. If a defect arises purchase from busisness the consumer has the right to a claim based on a guarantee of  regulated provisions of the Civil Code
  3. The claims must be made in writing or by electronic way in hereby regulations provided to the busisness address
  4. It is recommended that the claims should included descrirtion of defect, the date of its occurance, the consumer personal data of the complaining and consumer request regarding the goods defect
  5. The supplier will address consumers complaint within 14 days and if you do not do it within this period, it is believed that consumer demand is considered to be justified
  6. The goods dispatched under the complaint should be send to the following address Marcin Dudrak,  Białka 458, 34-220 Maków Podhalański

Privacy policy

  1. Personal data is collected solely for the purposes of order and processed to carry out its statutory busisness activity of the company, with data protection requirements set out in law on protection personal data.  Each of you has a right to inspect their data, correction, requirements of stopping processing the personal data which should be reported to our office in writing
  2. Placing an order with us is equivalent to acceptance regulations of our private policy.

Final provisions

  1. The seller will make every effort to ensure that any contentious situations will be resolved amicably and for the benefit of  the customer
  2. If no agreement is reached in dispute situations will be processed through the court in accordance with KPC
  3. Photos and information contained at online store are the property of the company and can not be used by others and companies without the consent of the seller
  4. Regulations are applicable from the day 01.03.2016. Changes in regulations will be published in the section  Regulations at  The changes do not apply to orders already accepted.  The orders accepted for the implementation of the current regulations in force at the time of order